First and foremost, I do not pretend or portray a political analyst or writer in any way, shape or form (especially on syndicated television).

With the federal furnaces slowly cooling to a soft glow, white shirts and ties glumly leaving their hallowed halls, I hope to show the sunnier side of the illustrious 2013 America shutdown.

Below is a list of unknown, but valuable facts regarding an American, governmental shutdown.

  • Hidden within the Constitution, “…in the presence of an American Government shutdown, pants, slacks or other accoutrements are no longer required in public…”
  • H.R. 23 skidoo (stowed safely in the Smithsonian archives – ironically shut down…), “…on the day of the shut down, and similar days that follow, donuts and ice cream will be fortuitously distributed to citizens of the U.S.A. In the absence of either of the above items, Ding-Dongs will be distributed in their stead as Hostess is an American legacy, and healthy food stuffs…”
  • Senate Rule 93.1 WXRT states, “…if federal shut down is imminent, and federal employees are required to take furlough, Kermit the Frog or Grover (or both) from Sesame Street will perform interpretive tap on the White House steps to the tunes of ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ and ‘Stormy Weather’…”

I’ve also include a little bit of Americana in the embedded video, which may bring a tear to your eye in conjunction with the wonderful gifts the U.S.A. affords us during this shutdown.


Whetting my pen, pencil, or in this case, keyboard

It has been some time since I sat down to write here, especially considering I had to replace my old Macbook. I scribbled down thoughts and notes in my trusty journal, but I now feel it is time to light up the electric vellum again.

I look forward to reading and writing for all who used to follow.


Peace…where for art thou?

Still looking…

Peace appears to elude my life and I, or maybe, it is there without me being able to see.

I recently attending a men’s renewal retreat and was able to achieve a better feeling of awareness of both my faith and God. The emotions and intensity of the witnesses provided made me mindful, that despite my feeling, I am not alone.

As any of you who consistently read my blogs know that I am always struggling and striving to formulate a better me. I have gone through a difficult lull and really need the pick-me-up to get out of this funk.

My overall anxiety and depression have brought me to a physical state that I now need to be quite aware of some serious, medical conditions. It is difficult to look back at a time when I was in good shape and had some kick in my step. Whereas now, I feel lethargic, and honestly, alone.

My concentration has been lacking especially in the ability to really focus on making smart decisions regarding my overall well-being. I know generally how to do it, however, it is just that when I take the tiniest step forward, I fall back into unproductive ways.

I write these words repeatedly in the hope to remind myself that I am not alone, and that there is a means to a better life. I have dedicated my life to helping others, and in the process, have lost sight of myself. While this is not a bad thing, it is also not good for the vessel of life that is me, and the joy that I could possibly experience while serving others.

I pray for deliverance from those obstacles that prevent me from moving forward.

I look forward to mindfulness and the ability to truly see the truth and the way.

I look to my friends, through many mediums, to lend a hand when I have stumbled.

I look to my faith and God to provide me direction in this live He has given me.

I will continue to make steps towards a better a better nutritional and physical balance in my life.

I am grateful for my family – my mom and dad, my brothers Andy and Tim, my sister Christi, my aunts and uncles and all my wonderful cousins.

I am grateful for all of my friends, old and new. My friends back in the Chicago area and my new friends here in Colorado. I would write out each and every name, but in fear of forgetting someone, I send to all…

I am grateful for my new brothers in Christ through our recent renewal, who have shown me that despite adversity, life and love continue.

I am off to enjoy some sunshine and yardwork.

Time to take additional inventory to make this life a beautiful, loving experience.


Sunday morning ~ 15-May-2011

There is a tranquil quality surrounding me this morning.

Windows are open, and the smell of rain permeates my house, along with the crisp cool morning air. The fireplace is roaring, balancing out the cold from morning’s breath, along with adding a crackling to accompany the birds and sounds of the prairie behind my house.

Sleep still evades me, and despite a late night, which means I was up before the birds and God’s other creatures.

I ponder several points after a great dinner with a beautiful new friend last night. 

Often, I internally validate my journey through life. I have my family to talk things through, but frequently, due to the familial nature, I find that we solve or view opportunities or challenges in a similar nature. It is through outside influence, happenstance, and the lives lived from different perspectives that we truly see.

Life is not a race to gather, do, or compete in, but rather a walk that takes us along a path that sometimes needs careful step and observation. While I may arrive at a destination quicker if I run, I do know that with attentive strides, and with serene consideration, I will arrive at the same destination with much more in my soul and spirit.

I thank my new friend Shannon for the conversation and enlightenment as we all have something to share and experience.

I now have even clearer insight as I search for additional means to reach out to gain those new experiences and to share my soul and life’s journey to help others along that knotty path. In that process, I hope to find that complimentary soul to travel and experience many different paths with shared love and companionship.


03-May-2011: Squirrel!!

Words elude me recently in my attempt to concretely journal my days.

I can probably attribute a good portion of the mind fog to the fact an old friend, sleep, and I have not been on good terms. I understand that our relationship has been rocky over the past 40-some years, but for Pete’s sake, let us make amends. I would be happy to talk through our problems over a cup of coffee (ok, maybe bad choice of beverage), and believe that we can come to a reasonable compromise.

Spring has briefly visited us here in Colorado. While there appeared to be a fleeting glimpse of some spring-like weather, it seems, as though summer’s intent on throwing a few logs on the flame will soon be apparent. A drop of rain or two, or several thousand would be nice to revitalize the lawn and refresh what seemed to be a smoky season with the continued threat of wildfires.

For those of you who know, Cira’s older brother Stitch (Andy and Christi’s dog) had a stroke several weeks ago. When this happened, it was difficult for my brother and sister-in-law, and myself as Stitch is very similar to Cira, except a big, goofy boy Golden Retriever. Stitch has been staying at my folks for rehab, and is walking with the assistance of his cart, and hopefully, out chasing bunnies and squirrels in the next several weeks.

My brother Tim has seen renewal within the past several weeks with a previous unhealthy bond, and heavy burden now released.

For my friends out there, I see many changes occurring, whether it is a new family, moving, divorce, or some other life altering/changing events. I am hopelessly like Dug, from the movie “Up” with his constant, “Squirrel!” While I attempt to take in all around me, and help those of you that I can, I simultaneously neglect my own being, and own personal journeys. Heck, for all I know, I left my backpack at mile marker 50, and it contained my compass and directions.

I keep plodding along trying to keep that balance between those who are family and friend, and myself. I do not see an issue to this, except I would like to make it to the beach by sundown.

I hope that all are embodied in the peace and grace, which is the life that surrounds us. I will continue with my “God Calling” blogs as well, which may be an extension or new offshoot blog from this original, living document.

Peace and grace to all…

20-April-2011: “God Calling” and “Heart’s Agony”

Good morning everyone and happy Tuesday –

I am going to attempt to embark on yet another personal journey and thought I would try sharing a spiritual interpretation of a book that I am hoping will guide me along. I am hoping to receive comments and/or feedback/discussion, as the purpose is to share in personal and spiritual growth.

I am reading a book titled “Calling God,” which was written by A.J. Russell.

I will start with today’s date in the book as the book is broken into daily affirmations.

April 20 – “Heart’s Agony”

“There is a Calvary-Cross on which one hangs alone, untended by even the nearest and dearest.
But beside that Cross, there stands another, and to My dear ones I say little, I hang there afresh beside each one through the heart’s agony.
Have you ever thought of the Joy that the patient, gentle, loving obedience of My disciples brings to My heart? I know no Joy such as the Joy I feel at the loving trust of a dear one.
The wounds in my Hands and Feet hurt little compared with the wounds in the Heart that are the wounds, not of My enemies, but of My friends.
Little doubts, little fears, little misunderstandings. It is the tender trifles of the day that gladden My heart. I that speak unto you, am He – your Master.”

I read this passage today and could only help but think how relevant with Easter soon arriving. In reflecting on these words, I feel as if Jesus is in more pain because his friends are not there more so than the actual crucifixion.

While I was not there for Him on that day, each day I make the strongest effort to be there for Him, as I know that despite what I am going through, He is there for me, and I am not alone.

The passage’s message also speaks to the fact that I should be there for all who are in need, despite the persecution or situation surrounding them. I know that also means that I should not bend over and relinquish my being for those who are in distress or need, but to be strong for them and myself especially in those times of need.


Ash Wednesday, 09-March-2011

Today is Ash Wednesday, and last night, tears greeted me in remembrance of my dear girl Cira, whom I lost back on December 17, 2010 to a fight with cancer.

I find these past days, and grieving tears to be a significant mental note to the beginning of Lent as a whole. The ashes that we, as Catholics, will receive today remind us to humble our hearts, and furthermore that life here on this Earth passes from us at some point in time. Similarly, the ashes of my little girl remind me of the life of a very blessed soul that shared her time with me for nine and a half years.

I reflect today on a time of renewal and repentance. My body and soul is in dire need of revitalization, and while I have made small attempts over the past months, my current unaccompanied life yearns for revival.

This morning brought to me both meditation and prayer. I saw the flame of the Holy Spirit and in step with my vision, I write this blog by candlelight. Each day, as I grow older both physically and spiritually, I see the needs of man and soul, and my desire for true service and commitment to a greater purpose overwhelms me.

While most Catholics enter Lent by giving up something such as sweets, beer or some other material favorite, I encourage a deeper look around ourselves and decide to release a lesser part of our being that does not serve us in the best manner. And once Lent is complete with our renewal, do not embrace that which we have released, but move forward with a greater sense of existence towards a more fulfilling life.

I can sincerely say that I do not wholly love myself at this point in my life. However, with the glimmer of that flame of Spirit, I hope to nurture and renew this gift of life that God afforded me. I also realize that Cira’s spirit still walks beside me, and she now has greater ability to guide her lost dad to a better place in this life.

Life and lives are very short, and we need to live with purpose. I intend to provide a greater meaning to both my life, and the lives around me, so that I may one day love myself, and continually know my Cira is wagging her tail in heaven, proud of her dad and the life he leads.

God bless…